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Sitri is the twelfth demon and spirit of the Ars Goetia. He is a Great Arch-Prince of Hell (or sometimes Viscount) with sixty legions of demons under his command. He is one of the demons that fell in love with King Solomon of Israel (wishing to go heaven to meet him along with 'that person') along with his descended William Twining, The Elector.


The two demons who Sitri has the most familiar relationship are Shax and Dantalion.

He can force men and women to love one another and make them appear naked if the conjurer desires. He can also reveal the secrets of women, often mocking them.

Sitri, alongside Beleth and Yomyael, formed an evil Trinity of demons, who reigned over parts of Europe and Asia, offering Faustian Bargains to everyone who asked. They also aided the Asiatic people in battle "for as long as men had placed faith in the dark behind stars".


He is depicted as a leopard with the wings of a griffin, but at the request of the conjurer can take the form of a very beautiful or Handsome man.


Powers and Abilities


One of these famous bargains was Peter the Great of Russia, who summoned the three demons in order to defeat the Swedes in Great Northern War. In return Beleth and two other demons demanded three things: his future sons, his heart and his eternal soul.

Myths and Legends

Sitri has connected with the Egyptian god Set along with many other lesser known deities.