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The Six Great Officers are Lucifer's most trusted henchmen, demons of high standing within his infernal court that are given control over the infernal government, holding positions of immense important that he don't trust other to keep, which the six deemed the highest of honor and will keep bragging about it on and on and on and, you get the idea.
Matt Wright.

The Six Great Officers, also known as the Six Generals of Lucifer or simply Lucifer Six, are six powerful demons in charge of Hell´s governments and the Legions of Hell by the Order of Lucifer. It is said that every of the six had other demon nobles in servitude to them.


While not directly a Royal bloodline, as the Seven Princes of Hell are called, they are respected by the others because of their direct connection to Lucifer. Their status is considered to even rival the 72 Pillars of the Ars Goetia and know many secrets that most other demons are not even aware of. Their interference in earthly matters is not always of a military kind.


The Six Great Officers know many secrets from Lucifer that other demons did not know (including even lesser members of the Seven Princes of Hell). In demonology, it is said that every of the Six Great Officers has other demons in servitude to them. The group was first mentioned in the Grand Grimoire.

  • Lucifuge Rofocale has the control, with which Lucifer has invested him, over all the wealth and treasures of the world. His subordinates are Bael, Agares and Marbas.
  • Satanachia has the power of subjection against all wives and maidens to his wishes, and doing with them as he wills. His subordinates are Pruflas, Aamon, Barbatos and Astaroth.
  • Agaliarept has the faculty of discovering arcane secrets in all the courts and council-chambers of the world; he also unveils the most sublime mysteries. He commands the second legion of spirits, and his subordinates are BuerGusion and Botis.
  • Fleurety has the power to perform any labor during the night and to cause hailstorms. Fleurety, unlike the officers, personally serves Beelzebub instead of Lucifer. Fleurety's subordinates are BathinPurson and Eligos.
  • Sargatanas has the power of brainwashing and mind reading. He can also open all locks, transport people to distant places and scry on other houses. He has command over the demons MoraxLeraje, and Valefor.
  • Nebiros has the power to inflict woes upon anyone and discover the Hand of Glory. He is one of the greatest master necromancers and is one of the two demons to raise the spirit of Alice Liddell. His subordinates are Naberius (suggesting that the Grand Grimoire understood the two spellings to signify distinct demons) along with Glasya-Labolas and Ipos.

Powers and Abilities

Agaliarept can find out any secret, Satanachia is a puppet master who is also skilled in the Compelling Voice, Sargatanas can go anywhere by connecting two dimensions, Lucifuge is a Techno Wizard, Nebiros controls premonition and pain and is the best Necromancer in Hell, and Fleurety is the immortal scientist of the night.


Myths and Legends


Their Positions were:

  • Lucifuge Rofocale, prime minister
  • Satanachia, commander in chief
  • Agaliarept, commandant
  • Fleurety, lieutenant-general
  • Sargatanas, brigadier-major
  • Nebiros, marshal and inspector general


No... No, it can't be... Those-Those are the mark of the six great officers. They are powerful demons who said to be Lucifer's most loyal guards. They detested the human world. Why would the mark of one of them be here?
A Demon Hunter



  • The Demon Lord Amaymon has been rumored to be apart of the group, for a small while at least.
  • They're the six lead members of Hell's armies in the grimoire Le Dragon Rouge.