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Who made you God, little man? Not that gun. Not that uniform. Nothing. You wanna scare people, fine. I need a scarecrow. You're gonna be my personal message board. I want everyone to see what happens when they come here uninvited.

Albert "Al" Francis Simmons, now known as Spawn, was a mercenary and assassin turn Hellspawn that took part in both the beginning as well as the end of the Apocalypse.


Spawn is one of the most powerful beings on Earth and is more than capable of rivaling some of the mightiest entities to walk the planet. Give his background as a highly-adept military officer and intensely skilled assassin, he is both dangerously powerful in the physical and supernatural department.

Spawn is rather unique amongst the ranks of other Hellspawn in where he was actually the first ever Hellspawn that rebelled against its masters. Normally, Hellspawns would lose every bit of trace of their humanity but Al held onto his own humanity in order to not forget who he once was. He is revealed to be the Man of Sin that is mentioned in the Book of Revelations where he kills those who commit transgressions against God and devours the sins of others simply to replenish his Hellish powers. These acts only have him add his victims to the legions of Hell to be used during the Apocalypse.


As a human, Spawn was an African-American man, with brown eyes, and black hair. After being burnt, he resembled a corps, often wearing hobo attire.

In his Spawn outfit, he wore a black-spandex with white details, and green eyes, along with a long red cape.


Before he lost his life, Al Simmons had a joyful life. His relationship with Wanda was close and loving and had a healthy relationship with his best friend Terry Fitzgerald. On the one side, however, due to his harsh training during his career in the Marines, and later a CIA operative and high-profile assassin, Simmons was a very serious and stoic individual who rarely speaks more than necessary (preferring actions over words and being described as someone who never wastes words) with a strong sense of obligation.

While infamous in his own right within the criminal underworld, his reputation of being an assassin led to rifts in his relationship with Wanda as the latter was vehemently against Al's tasks of killing others for profit. Despite this, he has a strong moral code as well as honor which is unique among his colleagues according to Worick as Al never willingly drags innocent people to his job or threatens them during it although he would resort to intimidating innocents mainly to have them back off. It is shown that when he does take an innocent life, accidentally in the line of fire, the experience haunts and traumatizes Al to the point where he becomes an entirely different person according to Terry.

Upon his death, and later resurrection as a Hellspawn, Simmons became a changed man: he grew to be quite grim, rude, brooding, cynical and impatient—a dark shadow of his earlier personality. Simmons's goals rarely or even convincingly exceed his own personal desires to destroy those responsible for his death and protect his loved ones. He became antisocial and much preferred to be alone, more often than not lashing out angrily in response to those who simply want to help him. He was almost completely consumed by hatred towards those who destroyed his life. This escalates into a monomaniac hatred of sinners or, in his words, "motherf*ckers that're always trying to ice-skate uphill", to the point he even targets those that are associated but not part of the Global Occult Coalition, such as Nero and several others who were simply aiding them in finding Al.

However, unlike most other Hellspawn, he does occasionally take civilian cost into account, with one example is him observing in disgust as a Mafia gang forced a group of civilians into a chamber, where they would be killed and consumed by the Marked Ones minutes later. Moreover, Al is said to be the first Hellspawn that held onto its humanity. It is due to this that he is able to experience emotions humans would normally feel whereas a regular Hellspawn is only ever interested in the task at hand given to them by their masters. His former life's kinder nature would occasionally seep through, as he is also shown to be reasonably wise and a skilled rhetorician, though his misguided thirst for vengeance clouds his greater judgment and leads his arguments in circles. This exhibition of his former life also extends to his extreme guilt over taking an innocent, and nowhere is that more notable than when he broke down upon realizing that he was the one who blindly killed Neyka's parents, unaware that he was under the influence of the Xra'mban spell, during his first few days as a Hellspawn.

After God explains to him His reasons of non-interfering with His creations of making them strong and unite as one, he becomes somewhat convinced that God is not actually an indifferent being, but only a "Father" that guides and respects His children's free will to forge their own destiny. After that he comes to respect God to some degree. His respect is shown, when the sudden appearance of a false god that claims he is "God", something he finds foolish and garbage.

Spawn also has contempt and hatred towards his former master, Malebogia, for he is the responsible of his monstrous appearance. He is the only rebellious member of Satan's hellspawn soldiers and after fully mastering his divine and demonic powers, he becomes something beyond human description, yet still retains his old self. He seems to have some degree of respect for Lucifer for "gifting" his soul back, while Spawn is passive and neutral towards Mammon, the two of them seems to bicker some times.

Powers and Abilities

Prior to his death and becoming a Hellspawn, Simmons was highly competent and skilled in battle as a former Marine and hitman. He is very proficient with the majority of military weapons, being both a trained assassin as well as a former Marine and war veteran, it is safe to say that Simmons knows his way around a variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns as well as being able to precisely eliminate targets from a long distance. Through his training in the US Marines, Simmons is highly skilled in the use of knives and other melee weapons.

After his death and resurrection as a Hellspawn, Al Simmons consequently became one of the most powerful supernatural beings on Earth. As a Hellspawn he has access to a wide variety of powers and abilities which he can use to compete against, if not defeat, some of the most powerful entities in Hell and on Earth. Some of these powers included phasing, flight, shapeshifting, soul manipulation, necromancy, telekinesis, telepathy, and a few others. However, Spawn was initially inexperienced with his newly bestowed powers and could thus not properly use them. This also led to his defeat at the hands of the greatest Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, and the Salvatore Brothers for they were not only more experienced and initially stronger than Spawn but the latter was still learning how to hone his power.

Spawn has vast magical powers. Earlier before, Spawn had a limited power supply or "9999", and each time he used his energy, the counter would drain. Because of this, he relied primarily on his suit's natural abilities in fights. Spawn's symbiotic suit has granted him the ability to shapeshift, allowing him to alter his appearance and fashion his body into weapons, much like an alpha Shapeshifter, but with some differences in appearance. An example would be the resemblance of his blade to a giant combat knife and his demonic flesh possessing a more reddish hue with a green tint. These demonic bio-weapons he can transmute from his own being are entirely up to Spawn's imagination, although it depends on how much sin he has consumed, as he can conjure black flesh-like tendrils, a bladed whip, can concentrate his necroplasmic mass into his hands to create hammer-like fists, and much more. His state of being a Hellspawn did not impede his skills as a war veteran and assassin, and added with his beyond human capabilities, he could engage against highly skilled and powerful individuals like Nero, Hellboy, even Dante.

Spawn's suit houses an energy called Necroplasm, which is said to be energy that flows through Hell itself. Using this Necroplasm, Spawn is capable of performing devastating and powerful attacks, some of which has been shown to harm beings like the Ghost Rider himself. And while he was unable to defeat the Salvatore Brothers before, his later competent usages and then mastery over his Necroplasm powers allowed him to evenly go toe-to-toe with Dominic and Jakob Salvatore, the two most violent and savage of the brothers, with Roan Salvatore believing that Spawn could more than likely overcome his brothers should he continue to master his abilities. When he was under the influence of the Xra'mban trigger words, he unleashed a powerful blast of necroplasmic energy that severely damaged the GOC helicarrier and later evenly fought against the Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze, with Riza Colton stating that their fight would tear the base apart. However, the more Spawn uses his Necroplasm, the more the meter drains and would consequently return him to Hell. The only method of replenishing his power is by devouring wicked souls or sinners.

Spawn also has a powerful healing factor, which is said to be on par with Alucard's regeneration itself, however, Spawn could only truly be killed by weapons forged in Heaven and holy weaponry on Earth could harm him but not outright kill him. Spawn is also susceptible to an incantation specifically used to control a Hellspawn that deters from their main goals. The incantation is interpreted as a string of code phrases, and after hearing these phrases spoken in Xra'mban, Spawn becomes completely feral and returns to his basic and primal instincts as a Hellspawn. This was shown during his eventual capture by the Global Occult Coalition, Harley Citrabon, a member of the Illuminati and posing as a GOC agent, was able to "rewire" his mind by reciting the incantation to him. Spawn could only break the influence of the spell by being knocked out from a sufficiently powerful attack.


Life and Death as an Assassin

He was born in Detroit, Michigan as the second of three brothers (Marc, Al and Richard) to Esther and Bernard Simmons. Simmons was a very gifted officer of the United States Marine Corps, where he attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He later joined the United States Secret Service, which led to his transfer to the Central Intelligence Agency. In the CIA, Simmons was recruited by Director Jason Wynn into a special top-secret covert ops division known as the U.S. Security Group, an elite task force with jurisdiction in all domestic and foreign situations.

Al became a professional assassin who earned the nickname "The Boogeyman" for his unparalleled hyper-lethality. His reputation for peerless efficiency and reliability earned him considerable respect and fear within the criminal underworld, ultimately making him an almost legendary figure, known to the leaders of virtually all criminal organizations as someone never to be crossed.

However, Simmons was unknowingly set up by Jason Wynn, who was in league with the Illuminati, when he sent him and his team to acquire what was known to them only as a powerful biological agent. Simmons and the squad ended up in Hope, Idaho where the experiments concerning the biological weapon was being run. It was not until Simmons and his team realized were lead into a trap where they were attacked and apprehended by agents of the Global Occult Coalition. Instead of incarcerating them the agents executed Al and his team.

Condemned to Hell

Simmons was condemned to Hell because of his life as an assassin as a result, filled with fury and vengeance against what transpired. He desired to exact his revenge against the agents responsible for his murder but above all he wished to see his wife Wanda Blake one last time. So, he had arrange a deal with the Demon Lord Malebolgia and the King of Hell Satan himself where Simmons agrees to become a newly formed Hellspawn under the latter's control in exchange to be allow to see his wife.

Surprisingly, the Devil made good on his word and Simmons was allowed to visit Wanda one final time after he had completed a set of tasks set out for him by Beelzebub, whilst also killing the agents that murdered him in the first place, after which he will return to serve the Prince of Darkness. During his "one final visit" to Wanda, he discovers that his Wanda has since married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald. Al shapeshifts his body, but chooses to take the form of Terry and makes love to her. Wanda ends up being pregnant which sets in motion a prophecy of the child that will decide the fate of reality.

Spawn in Rat City

After Satan had no more need of Spawn for the moment, Malebolgia was able to use the Hellspawn instead. He summoned the Violator, aka the Clown, and sent the demon to monitor Spawn.

While lost in his purpose, Spawn then started to take out street gangs and organized crime (including their enforcer Overtkill) and he kills a child molester/murderer named Billy Kincaid along with taking over Rat City befriending the homeless within it, becoming their champion. In particular, an old bum named Cogliostro seems to know a lot about him. Cogliostro and the Clown act as polar guides for Al, trying to convince him to use his powers for good and evil respectively.

During this, Spawn would encounter other entities that would try to kill him, like the Redeemer, who is actually Jason Wynn. He also survived an assault by the Archangel Angela whose was hunting Hellspawns for sport and claimed Spawn as one of her trophies.

Vengeance and Meeting Old Friends

During his time on Earth, Al seeks out the agents of the Global Occult Coalition responsible for his death and the more he seeks out his murderers the more he began to uncover a dark and terrible conspiracy that lay behind the walls of the Coalition. It was not just seeking out his killers but also brutally killing anyone that has committed a terrible sin or crime as he has actively warred with and destroyed many criminal organizations which some had a connection to the truth behind his murder.

His killing spree soon had him reunite with two of his former combat partners, Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown, currently the founders of an organization known as Benriya and aided them in killing a crime family and saving a former prostitute by the name of Alex Benedetto. Initially, Al had no interest in working with his two former partners and was hostile towards them for having not used what resources they had in finding his killers though they confessed that whatever Al was a part of is far bigger than them and was dangerous territory even for two former CIA operatives. Displeased, Al went on his way to continue searching for answers.

New Allies

His search eventually led him to a confrontation with the greatest Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, who was following the string of murders made by Spawn, resulting in a battle that nearly cost Al his life. Knowing that the Ghost Rider is now after him, Simmons decided to lay low for a while only to pass out from the wounds the Rider inflicted on him.

He found himself again with Worick, Nicolas, and Alex whom managed to rescue him and attempt to treat his wounds. Moreover, they also were met with Mei Chang, Fuu, and Mugen of the Sun Moth, who were following their own leads and traced it to America, believing that the string of strange events that have been occurring is connected with what Simmons is trying to uncover. Not too thrilled at the prospect of having company, Simmons eventually heeded the advice once given to him by Alex in that he would not need to face his demons alone and so his old crew with the Sun Moth began helping him.

Some time after, his abilities went crazy almost killing his allies around him, then suddenly went lifeless for hours. Then in an explosion of Necroplasm transformed the suit into a more heavily armored appearance which he used to fight the Redeemer.

Heartless Vampire

After his encounter with the Redeemer, nightmares began to torture the former military assassin. A creature, seeming to have kind of the same form as Spawn, hunts down other beings and consumes them. When Spawn wakes up he finds himself in a mess of several killed persons.

He suggests that, after the metamorphosis of his suit, it feeds off blood like a Vampire, but after his first battle with John Sansker, aka Jean Sans-Coeur, "Heartless John" who was a vampire and the true reason behind the messes that Spawn finds himself in and after he stripped himself of his suit, he argues with the Clown about the latter. He tells Spawn that his costume feeds on souls, and after Spawn made peace with his state, he re-bonded with his suit and, in a vicious battle, drove Jean out of Rat City.

Purgatory's Salvation

While this was happening, Spawn was struggling to find a way to free himself from Hell's control and recapture his humanity with attacks from both Heaven and Hell were coming faster and faster, and Spawn was on the verge of losing himself to the violence and the evil. Salvation however arrived in the form of a mound of festering garbage which called itself an emissary of Purgatory. It endowed him with a host of new abilities that would enable him to overcome the worst both Heaven and Hell had to offer. This powers give Spawn control over all the elements and other aspects of the natural world.

Spawn did not utilize his powers however, other than listening to the events revolving Hell and Heaven, until he was impaled on the pole of a large sign by the dark god Urizen (who named himself after the tyrannical creator-figure in the personal mythology of Romantic poet/artist William Blake). Urizen was wreaking havoc on the world, and the Purgatory imbued him with a "gift" which, after recovering thanks to Angela, Spawn uses to contain Urizen. Spawn splits the ground open and imprisons Urizen within the Gazer.

Malebogia's Defeat

After defeating Urizen, Spawn learns that the dark god's release was orchestrated by Malebolgia, as part of an elaborate scheme to take total control of all the kingdoms of Hell and overthrow the Seven Princes of Hell. Having failed spectacularly, Malebolgia's power is at its lowest ebb. With the help of Angela and his old mentor, Cogliostro, who finally reveals that he is Cain, Spawn is able to return to Hell and finally defeated the demon overlord, although Angela's life is lost in the process.

Though offered Malebolgia's crown by the Demon Lord Mammon as thanks for dealing with the demon (as Leviathan chucks Malebolgia in Treachery for punishment) while Lucifer offers to give back his soul and send him to Paradise, Spawn declines both it and an offer to enter the gates of Heaven. Spawn instead turns his efforts towards stemming the torment of humanity and defeating the evil that exists on Earth.

Myths and Legends


Traitors and rebels... Demons and damned... Choose your sides. The King of Hell has returned!
Spawn as a King of Hell.
I want to die... again...
There's something in his soul, some design flaw that Malebolgia missed when he chose Simmons. And that flaw has now made him able to tap into the souls of all Spawns from the past, present and future! And the only thing that's keeping any of us alive, is that he doesn't know he has that ability yet. May your God help us all if he ever discovers that fact. Because if he can call up his own army against us he wins. He wins everything! Even though we thought we'd grinded him down mentally... down to the point that he seemed defeated and didn't want anything to do with being Spawn anymore. But that wasn't what was happening to him. He wasn't quitting... he was planning! Because he made the one move I prayed he never would find and that was to finally focus on his mind. He didn't walk for days in purgatory because he was beaten-- though he wanted us to think that-- no, he was setting the stage. And we fell off his act. He didn't commit suicide when he blew his head off, he created chaos! We'd all been so focused on trying to kill him, that when he took himself out of the game, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. And just like what happened when Malebolgia was slaughtered, demons and angels alike began tripping over themselves trying to prove they should be the new 'master' of this unholy war. Simmons had set his trap and he must have laughed at how easily we all fell into it!
Cogliostro about Al Simmons.
This is not the first time Al Simmons has burned...... Or the first time he has been reborn.
Look, let me be frank: I don't trust you. You're an anomaly, Mr. Simons. An anomaly that could potentially shake this Stygian government down to its foundation. And while that's nothing but good news in my opinions, things have changed. I now have something- no, someone to care about. I can't allow a potential threat like you walk around hell and threaten his safety. So please understand. Now die!
You filthy little piece of vermin. What makes you think I would join your army? You can take that army of yours and shove it.
After all this time, everything just gone numb.