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The Spear doesn't need someone pure of heart. It needs someone strong enough to do the right thing.
Mary Magdalene

Spear of Longinus, also called the Lance/Spear of Destiny, Holy Spear of the Setting Sun and True Longinus is the spear that was used by the Roman soldier, Longinus, to pierce the body of Jesus Christ during His crucifixion.

When the Messiah's body was pierced by the tip of the spear, blood and water came out of His body and, as His blood and water in His body were holy, the spear ended up being blessed, gaining extraordinarily great power, becoming a of the weapons of Heaven and of God Himself.


The Spear of Longinus is one of the Holy Relics known as the Holy Lance and being above the Sword of Michael, Cronus' Sickle, Mjölnir, and the Trident of Poseidon, and considered to be top-class among them. It is the spear that was said to have pierced the side of Christ as he lay on the cross, wielded by a Centurion named Longinus, according to legend, who gave the weapon his name. The spear is one of the holiest objects in existence, having been blessed by the blood of Christ and making it an extremely powerful and effective weapon against Demons and beings related to darkness.

After Christ's ascension, God came down to Earth and took the spear for Himself and made it His personal weapon for battle. The Holy Lance is considered to be one of the biggest "bugs" in in Heaven's arsenal, having multiversal-class powers that could destroy the Multiverse when used in the wrong hands. It is said that this mighty spear will be used by the King of Kings during the final battle of the Apocalypse to "cut off the heads" of the Great Beast of Evil and "pierce the darkness with the light".

Powers and Abilities

The Spear of Longinus is a bladed spear that is capable of killing Gods having been initially used by St. Longinus used to pierce Jesus Christ, which blessed the spear making it one of the holiest relics in existence. Aside from Gods, it is able to be used to kill Demons; even powerful demons like Archdemons.  Even without making direct contact, merely looking at the light released from the Holy Spear or causing it to shine upon Demons is enough to inflict immense pain on them. The effect is said to be absolute even for part-demons such as Antichrist. It is also lethal to Vampires and other creatures of darkness as a result of its holy abilities.


Heaven's most powerful weapon, capable of ripping the Milky Way in half like a hot knife cutting butter.
That thing's existence is an anomaly in the system. A bug. A glitch. An error that God remodified into his greatest weapon. Legends said it can cleave the heavens apart before time itself could recognize its movement! Even the lowliest of demons know of its absurd power.
Matt Wright
But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.
John 19:34
O Spear. The true Holy Spear which pierces through God.
Suck the ambition of the King of Domination sleeping within me and pierce through the gap of blessing and destruction.
You. Announce the will, and turn into a glow.
Chant of Activation



  • The Spear was named after its bearer, Longinus.