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The Stygian Council is a yearly gathering of Hell's greatest demons. All demons of the highest class will be there. My father included. [...] It's not like there's only the Seven Princes there, like I've said, anybody who is anybody will be there. From the fallen angels to the old lords to the heretic gods... If their names have been uttered and worshipped for more than several centuries in the past, there's almost a 100% chance of them showing up.
Matt Wright.

The Stygian Council is a colossal gathering of demons in the Inferno who come together alongside many other demons of different hierarchical ranks such as dukes, princes, kings, and the emperor himself.


Lucifer and Satan are depicted enthroned at the heart of the hall of their Palace of Pandemonium, at the center of a rotunda filled with onlooking throngs of fallen angels, illuminated by the new technology of gaslight. Their thrones are placed atop a black hemisphere. Satan himself being behind him sat an inch lower on the throne, signifying his authority as the one true king of Hell. The Stygian Council is made up of millions of fallen angels and high ranking demons as well. The Seven Princes of Hell are also said to be sat by Lucifer and Satan, although they are positioned at a much lower section of the globe construct and placed in a circular manner around the globe itself.

Whenever the council is called to gather, it acts as more of an office where the demons can debate to one another upon what to do concerning matters that are occurring in Hell, the human world, and so forth. However, the council will only be called if these matters will affect them, their status along with their operations in Hell. Two advocate another attack on Heaven, albeit by very different methods, while two advise against it. The whole exchange can be read as a parody of the democratic process, as the fallen angels decide in the most nonviolent, "civilized" of manners to bring destruction down upon all mankind.

While the demons of high ranks can freely debate, lesser demons like fallen angels simply sit aside and would hear out the words of their lords and masters, allowing them to freely debate to each other on whether to agree or disagree with their words. The conversations within the Stygian Council can also have demon lords calling Hell a "den of shame", and that it would be deeply shameful for Satan and his lieutenants to simply accept their fate and remain there. The council can even question matters on a more personal or spiritual basis such as Asmodeus being uncertain if the fallen angels are immortal. If they are not, and the forces of Heaven defeat and kill them in battle, they will be "far happier than miserable to have eternal being" as outcasts in Hell.


The council was formed almost immediately after Lucifer and his army of fallen angels were cast out of Heaven for rebelling against God and the humans.

Myths and Legends

Notable Members of the Stygian Council

Seven Princes of Hell

Other Lords of Hell

Six Great Officers

  • Lucifuge Rofocale - Prime Minister, Great Treasurer
  • Satanachia - Commander-in-Chief, Guardian of Youth
  • Agaliarept - Commandant, Keeper of Mysteries
  • Fleurety - Lieutenant-General, Royal Scientist
  • Sargatanas - Brigadier-Major
  • Nebiros - Marshal and Inspector General, Royal Necromancer

Ars Goetia

  • Bael - Noble King of Hell, Lord of the Ars Goetia
  • Paimon - Noble King of Hell
  • Beleth - Noble King of Hell
  • Purson - Noble King of Hell
  • Asmoday - Noble King of Hell
  • Vine - Noble King of Hell
  • Balam - Noble King of Hell
  • Zagan - Noble King of Hell
  • Belial - Noble King of Hell
  • Berith - Duke of Hell, Secretary of Hell, Great Pontiff, Lord of Alliances
  • Astaroth - Duke of Hell, Lord of Infernal Matters
  • Barbatos - Duke of Hell, Astaroth's aide
  • Gaap - Prince of Hell, King of Directions
  • Aamon - Marquis of Hell, Astaroth's aide
  • Orias - Marquis of Hell
  • The rest of the Ars Goetia

Seven Electors of Hell

  • Aciel - Elector of Hell
  • Uphir - Elector of Hell, Royal Physician
  • Dirachiel - Elector of Hell
  • Eequiel - Elector of Hell
  • Geliel - Elector of Hell

Knights of Hell

  • Cain - Teacher of the Knights of Hell
  • Llintius - Current Leader of the Knights of Hell

Other Archdemons

  • Adramelech - Grand Chancellor, Supervisor of the Devil's Wardrobe
  • Anamelech- Queen of Planetary Systems
  • Moloch - Lord of Oaths and Shame
  • Leonard - Great Lord of the Sabbath.
  • Nergal - Head of Secret Police
  • Mulciber - Hell's Architect, Mammon's aide
  • Rashaverak - Astaroth's aide
  • Pruflas - Astaroth's aide
  • Chemosh - Grand Chamberlain
  • Arioch
  • Nisroch -  Hell's master of cuisine
  • Azazel
  • Legion
  • Dagan - Chief of the Inferno, Grand Pantler
  • Behemoth - Chief Cupbearer
  • Nisroch - Chief of the Kitchen
  • Verdelet - Master of Ceremonies
  • Succoth-benoth - Chief of the Eunuchs of the Seraglio
  • Melchom - Paymaster
  • Mullin - First Valet
  • Nybbas - Grand Buffoon
  • Robals - Director of Theaters
  • Rimmon - Ambassador of Russia
  • Tammuz - Ambassador of Spain
  • Hutgin - Ambassador of Turkey
  • Martinet - Ambassador of Switzerland
  • Mudhib
  • Maimun
  • Barqan
  • Al-Ahmar
  • Naamah
  • Agrat Bat Mahlat
  • Eisheth Zenunim
  • Mahalat
  • Amenadiel
  • Abezethibou
  • Mazikeen
  • Tanin'iver
  • Erebus
  • Lesser demon lords and officials

Former Members

  • Sparda - Former Leader of the Knights of Hell
  • Malebolgia