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O' Holy Father, could you have created a not so hot star? My human form is sweating in this summer~
A lesser Angel.

The Sun is a large star created by God approximately 5 billion years ago to be the core of the main solar system.


The Sun is the source of life on planet Earth, representing the light of God who is the source of all life, making the sun being just a small demonstration of His Glory. For billions of years, this star has been orbited by several planets and dwarf planets around it, giving life to planet Earth and a few other planets.


Due to its role in giving life to the planet and illuminating the celestial firmament, the Sun was adored by humans as a deity for several millennia, which made several pagan gods gain fame among humans and receive adoration, such as Amaterasu, Apollo or Helios. After the worship of the one and true God was founded by Moses, little by little the worship of the gods of the Sun, Earth and Moon were being abandoned to adore the Creator of these three luminaries.


For those of you who have families or - God forgive me - children, please excuse me, but you need to keep going. Don't let your deaths be in vain. We still have time. Humanity may still have a future. Come to Station-19. We need every hand we can win. Learn to embrace darkness, friends. Fear the light.
An administrator of the SCP Foundation.



  • Due to the distance between the Sun and the Earth, it ends up giving the impression that the Sun and Moon are the same size.
  • For the ancient Hebrews, the Sun, Moon and stars were divine beings, spiritual entities that worked for God.
  • When the sun is seen from Mars during sunset, unlike on Earth where the atmosphere becomes reddish, the Martian sunset is bluish.