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A Supernatural Hunter (Art by SirHanselot)

A Supernatural Hunter, also known as a Breaker or simply a Hunter, is a occupation, usually by a human, who hunts down and slay malevolent supernatural beings in order to protect humans from monsters, demons, creatures of the night and other such entities.


They usually are just typical humans who, unlike others, are aware of the supernatural world and, even more, they fight against them to protect normal people from harm. One of the most recurring reasons to go into the hunter lifestyle is a tragedy in their lives that involved the supernatural. However, there are other reasons to decide being a supernatural hunter, such as being raised as one. While most hunters are male, there are many female hunters though they are much rarer than their male counterparts.

While all deal with the more hostile supernatural beings, they are many types of hunters who deal with specify entities, like only vampires or demons for example. They also deal with evil organizations and groups which either use or lead by hostile supernatural beings.

Many if not most hunters are comprised of cambions, vampires, werewolves, or even those that are fully demon or monster. It is said that that these sort of hunters are frowned upon by other human hunters due to the fact that they hunt down their kind. However, the inhuman hunters are at times lead by a human hunter, either to guide them, protect them, or even keep an eye on them in case they fall to their basic instincts of being a monster. The inhuman hunters have their own reasons for hunting down other beasts or their own kind. Although they stated that they do so to distinguish themselves from the very things that hunt and kill innocent people, and truly desire to embrace their human self.

It is also shown that supernatural hunters typically pass their knowledge onto their children, as they could be killed by supernatural creatures that look for revenge or could appear. When they do so, a family of supernatural hunters is formed. Most hunters have a good physical condition suitable for hunting, and possess an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and mythology as well. There is a basis about how a supernatural hunter must be, as most of them can be recognized by common traits.

Hunters are stationed almost all over the world and while many would travel in order to track a supernatural phenomena that is occurring in a specific part of a country some remain within their homeland due to the constant rising of unnatural entities that roam about their abode. Hunters can also gather into groups and form organizations dedicated to the destruction of the forces of darkness. These organizations hold far more resource, weaponry, and power (though it varies) than a single hunter and some have been known to even employ supernatural entities to fight on their behalf as well acting as their trump cards. All hunting organizations are all apart of the worldwide Hunter Organztion. They are also many types of schools that teach supernatural to deal with the supernatural.


Hunters are skilled fighters, proficient with firearms and melee weapons they might acquire. They may even carry supernatural weapons like Devil Arms whenever a situation is in need of one. When weapons are scarce and they are in a dangerous situation, they use hand-to-hand combat or whatever is available as a weapon. They also appear to be proficient trackers and possess prudent tactical skills and an instinctive ability to "read" behavioral characteristics and manipulate people. In addition, they need to be virtuosos of escape, evasion and silent movement, when the situation requires subtlety and stealth, such as surprise attacks.

It has been shown they can read and recall Latin incantations, which can be used to summon, exorcise, and vanquish demons. Aside from Latin, some hunters are also able to read and/or recite other languages. Also, it's been seen that most of them have journals, or books, with information, details and methods to kill the different creature they must face. Veteran hunters possess massive and in-depth knowledge on supernatural lore, and often keep the hunter community updated on any new or recent developments.

In ancient times, the hunters of the Mediterranean area used to pray to pagan deities like Artemis and Diana, who were the patron gods of hunting, both regular and supernatural. In more modern times hunters usually rather invoke God, Christ, angels or even saints. However, some hunters have taken a more agnostic or antagonistic stance, viewing most supernatural beings as either malevolent or amoral.

Powers and Abilities

As a particularly dangerous occupation, supernatural hunters must be in peak physical condition and possess an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and mythology before combating the supernatural. Hunters across the ages have relied on a variety of methods to overcome the various supernatural entities that threaten their existence, ranging from weapons and firearms to magic and technology.

Types of Hunters

  • Witcher - A type of hunter who undergoes extensive training, ruthless mental and physical conditioning, and mysterious rituals in preparation for becoming an itinerant monster slayer for hire.
  • Demon Hunter - A type of hunter who specialize in hunting demons.
  • Vampire Hunter - A type of hunter who specialize in finding and hunting vampires.
  • Werewolf Hunter - A type of hunter who specialize in finding and hunting werewolves.
  • Monster Hunter - A type of hunter who specialize in dealing with monsters and other such creatures.
  • Night Hunter - A type of hunter who specialize in hunting the creatures of the night.
  • Witch Hunter - A type of hunter who specialize in hunting evil magicals, specifically Witches.
  • Dark Hunter - A rouge type of hunter who specialize in Darkstalkers, acting similar to bounty hunters.

Notable Hunter Groups

  • Belmont Clan - A clan known to deal with the malevolent creatures of the night, their main target is Mathias Cronqvist, now known as the Dark Lord Dracula.
  • Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
  • Devil May Cry
  • Hellsing Organization
  • Hunter Organization - The main organization of the Supernatural Hunters who maintains all other groups and organizations of the their occupation.
  • Hunters of Artemis - An almost female-exclusive group of immortal hunters that served under the Greek goddess Artemis.
  • Order of the Sword - A former religious organization of demon hunters that worships the Dark Knight Sparda that is now defunct.
  • Protectors - Group of Hunters that charged with the duty to safeguard the island Vie de Marli from evil entities.
  • School of the Wolf

Notable Hunters

  • Abraham Van Helsing - Polymath Dutch doctor and hunter, who specializes in vampires, founder of the Hellsing Organization and the Helsing Clan.
  • Alexandra Trese - Filipino hunter and paranormal investigator that protects the balance between the Underworld and humanity.
  • Alucard - A dhampir who hunts down the malevolent creatures that harm the general populace thanks to promise made to his human mother.
  • Atalanta - Ancient Greek huntress, favored by Artemis.
  • Beowulf - Ancient Swedish hunter, slayer of Grendel, descendant of Cain.
  • Bela Talbot
  • Bobby Singer - American hunter, veteran of 30 years, runs a network of American hunters and is seen as a reliable source of lore and knowledge.
  • Brothers Grimm - 19th Century German hunters, important collectors of folklore, which would be used by later hunters across Europe and North America.
  • Dante - Famed Demon Hunter, Younger son of the Dark Knight Sparda and head of Devil May Cry.
    • Trish - Demon that became a demon hunter and a hunter of Devil May Cry.
    • Beryl - A demon hunter who seek revenge for her father's death, believed to be retired.
  • Dean and Sam Winchester - American hunters, veterans of over 15 years, specialists with monsters, demons and ghosts.
  • Ed & Lorraine Warren - American demonologists/hunters of demons and other spirits, notably involved with the cursed doll Annabelle and the demon Valac.
  • Edward Grey - Queen Victoria's personal hunter, dragged to Hell by Amdusias.
  • Erica Slaughter - Young Hunter, dedicated in destroying tulpas, member of the Knights of Saint George.
  • Integra Hellsing - Descendant of Abraham Van Helsing and the current head of the Hellsing Organization along with being the master of Alucard.
    • Alucard
    • Seras Victoria
  • Lady - Solo Demon Hunter and occasional ally of Dante, son of Sparda.
  • Lucia - Demon created by Arius before being adopted by the old hunter Matier.
  • Matier - Old Demon Hunter of the Protectors and adoptive mother of Lucia.
  • Nero - Head of a mobile Devil May Cry branch and former member of the Order of the Sword, Son of Vergil.
    • Nicoletta Goldstein - Expert Craftswoman and Demon Hunter, memeber of Nero's branch of the Devil May Cry business.
  • Orion - Ancient Greek hunter, favored by Artemis.
  • Quincey P. Morris- American Hunter who was one of the three suitors for Lucy Westenra and who would go on to fight against Count Dracula.
  • Sarah Jewell - American huntress, associate of Edward Grey.
  • SCP-3507 - Japanese samurai hunter of Yokai.
  • Sherlock Holmes - 19th-20th Century English hunter and detective, later a member of the B.P.R.D.
  • Tom Slick - Cryptid Investigator, Mundane Adventurer, Defender of the Supernatural from Rouge Hunters
  • Trevor Bruttenholm - 20th Century English hunter later a member and director of the B.P.R.D.
    • Anung Un Rama - A Cambion hunter working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.
  • Vergil - Demon Hunter, Older son of the Dark Knight Sparda and wielder of the demonic blade Yamato.


Those hunters are pain in our ass since we moved here. Always looming around like some kind of jobless hobos trying to find any excuse they could use to ruin my fuckin' business. "For the good of humanity" my hairy ass. Those bastards are not so different from us. The only thing that differentiate us and them is the fact we don't bother to hide the fact we enjoy killing.
A werewolf.
Hunters are people whose main duty is to hunt down supernatural threats to humanity. The worst part about them is that, for most of the time, they are rouge and don't tend to answer to answer to any organization. Sure, there are some groups founded and run by hunters, even a worldwide organization meant to maintain them, but still, many of them are unaffiliated, making them a literal pain in the ass for us who have to run after them to fix their mistakes.
Diana Black.



  • While apart of the same hunter label, supernatural hunters should not be confused with the non-supernatural hunters whom hunt normal animals.
    • They also should not be confused with treasure hunters.
  • Around 30% of hunters are usually self-taught and don't usually affiliated with any hunter organization.
  • Many of the supernatural nobility see the hunters as mercenaries.
  • When a hunter dies, the body is laid down on a row of logs with a white sheet over the body and then salted and burned. This is to prevent the hunter's soul from becoming a variety of things (ghosts, demons, etc.).
  • Many Hunters typically eat burgers and drink beer and live in cheap motels. There are a few exceptions. While some hunters are constantly on the move, others prefer to remain stationary and work a secondary job.
    • Due to their skills and experience with the supernatural, many hunters usually work as bounty hunters for a semi-stable source of income.