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Tanin'iver is an evil demonic cosmic dragon-like entity and steed of Lilith that expounded in the Kabbalistic teachings of Moses Cordovero and subsequent writings based on his system.


Tanin'iver is an ancient abyssal creature born from Ayin who became the steed of Lilith, so he is considered a mechanism by which evil is activated. Though Tanin'iver is castrated (echoing a fable about the Yetzer ha-Ra), he is still the catalyst for the coupling of Lilith with Samael, a union that brings pestilence and suffering into the world.



Powers and Abilities

Tanin'iver has been summoned to draw the untapped resources of dark power within the summoner.



Originally Tanin'iver was one of the demonic children born from the pre-existential being of destruction known as Ayin, the literal opposite of God. He was made alongside his brothers with the purpose of fighting God, however they all lost and were sent to Hell.

Tanin'iver was blinded by the light the moment he was exposed to creation when emerging from the darkness, thus owing to the meaning behind his name as the "sightless" or the "blind dragon". He made his way to Earth but could not go near the borders of the Garden of Eden in fear of being destroyed by its guardians. Afterwards, he resided in the realm of Sheol where he feeds on the souls of the wicked.

Meeting Lilith

In the torturous realm of Sheol, Tanin'iver waited and waited for many years for something to happened. This would stay until Tanin'iver encountered Lilith as she laid by the Red Sea in Hell, banished from the Garden of Eden by God for refusing to submit to Adam. Lilith was both curious and fascinated by this creature, seeing that it was neither angel nor beast native to Heaven and Eden, and beckoned it with her song. Tanin'iver was lulled by Lilith's song, a melody that held a harmonic discord which was said to have "reshaped" his form to suit Lilith's needs. As a result, he became a loyal companion and steed.

Afterward, Tanin'iver informed Lilith of the angel Samael's banishment from the Mountain of God and led her towards him. Tanin'iver's hand in having Lilith meet Samael led to the impending creation of plagues and darkness among the Earth as well as the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. When Hell was established as a monarchy, Tanin'iver remained by Lilith's side ever since as her noble steed.

Myths and Legends

For a long while, Tanin'iver's true origins were a mystery with two theories of where he came from. One was that he emerged from the Abyss shortly after the creation of the Garden of Eden while the other was that he was in fact a piece of Tiamat that was severed during her children's assault upon her which fell into the Abyss.


Tanin'iver was once a fearsome demon dragon who devoured the wandering shades of Sheol until he was defeated by Lilith after she left Adam. And by dragon customs, when a dragon is defeated by someone of the opposite sex, they will have to either become their defeater's wife or servant. Thanks God he chose the later, I couldn't imagine what kind of abomination would the two's union brought forth.
Matt Wright.
The Herald, the Harbinger, the First Wyrm - the prophecies disagree on the specifics but all state that the Tanin'Iver will bring sin and disease into the world. A demon lord, a cruel god, a mortal tyrant - whatever it serves, the fact remains that the beast itself is a horrible monstrosity. A great, blind dragon with skin that constantly rots and reknits itself, it slumbers beneath the earth, waiting for the clarion call from the dark forces it serves. Its eventual awakening will shake the Dungeon World and herald something even more sinister in the future. Instinct: To bring evil into the world.



  • In the Apocalyptic literature, Tanin'iver is a dragon of monstrous dimensions in Sheol that feeds on the souls of the wicked.
  • It is believed that Tanin'iver's appearance would herald the coming of a great evil.