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The Terms of Service, also known as Da Rules, are what keep this site together. These are the basic rules to make sure this site doesn't fall apart.



  • If you disagree with a user on how the page should be, that should create a discussion, not a war. Try and find a silver lining on which most of the community can agree with.
  • Don't discriminant against anyone for ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, or religion. This wiki contains stories from folklore and mythology that originate from cultures all around the world, we need our editors to be tolerant to be able to write for it.
    • Also, don't use the excuse you were "joking" or it was "satire," we can tell if it is or not.
  • Don't vandalize articles. The concept of "vandalism" is hard to pin down for a fanfiction wiki but here are some examples:
    • Editing someone's original character outside of the realm of general grammar fixes.
    • Putting in text that have nothing to do with the article in question.
  • Don't try to flirt with anyone, this site isn't for trying to find a relationship, especially since most if not all of the users are minors.
  • Role-playing is fine. This isn't a roleplaying wiki but if you'd like to do so go right ahead. Just make sure the role play isn't sexual.
  • The wiki, although focused on myths, does not prohibit users from talking about other subjects on their walls, although the recommendation would be to talk about it elsewhere. Also, subjects like suicide can only be used if it is to add something to a page (like the fact that demons induce people to suicide), as long as it is in a negative way. Things like talking about suicide or depression as something positive will immediately result in a permanent ban. Suicide and depression are extraordinarily serious matters and we here at the wiki like most people value human life above all else and do not approve of any incentive to make a person lose their most precious asset which is their life.
    • Things like phrases glorifying Death are not considered valid to result in banishment, as it is a more philosophical and reflective field, not incentive. Of course, if one of the administrators realizes that there is some malice behind the quotes that involve inciting suicide, it will result in a ban and the reason has been stated above.
  • TL;DR, don't be a dick.


  • If you'd like to use your own original artwork, go right ahead! Just keep in mind any original images on this site are within creative commons license and can be used if credited towards you.
  • If you find a piece of artwork and don't know who made it, don't use it! We have a lot of images that are credited to "???" that we are trying to correct.
  • Nudity is generally fine in artwork of characters who are of age, just nothing pornagraphic.


  • Any concepts from folklore, urban Legends, mythology, religion, and other such are fully allowed onto this site.
    • However, there comes caveats when trying to write for figures who are very important to someone or another. If someone who is knowledgeable about the right and wrong way to write for a figure, listen to them! Don't just brush them off because "well it's fanfiction who cares?"
      • The Artistic license is allowed on the wiki almost liberally. Examples where the Artistic license is heavily used is the Lucifer page, which is totally different from the common Lucifer view of Christianity. However, extremely important religious figures should be more careful about what is written and placed on the page, freedom of expression does not mean being able to say everything you think, and Artistic license does not mean putting and taking what you want from something without even to respect.
      • Despite this, there will be the fair few who claim gods are perceived that way because the Powers that Be™ have fooled everyone into believing that, there are two main responses to that:
        • Do they have any sources? Other wise the claim is bull shit.
        • Yeah, and? As long as the change isn't offensive there shouldn't be a reason to change it. Take for instance Baphomet, Baphomet was originally a mistranslation of Muhammad made by Christians to demonize Muslims. On this wiki we have both figures separate, with Baphomet a demon and Muhammed a prophet.
    • Another thing you would have to worry about are conspiracy theories. We here use a lot of conpiracy theories to flesh out our world, best example being the New World Order and Illuminati. However, many conspiracy theories are either bigoted, harmful to believe, or just too stupid to be used in a interconnected universe. Here's some ground rules on what conspiracy theories can and can't be used:
      • Various conspiracy theories are about real life groups of people, the Illuminati and Freemasonry being the best examples. For if harmful conspiracy theories against them should be permitted, we refer to the D or D rule.
        • Is the group dead? The Illuminati and the Knights Templar are completely dead, there's no caveats to come from saying that they're a secret society (outside of rotting the brains of anyone who believes these kinds of theories, but that's their own fault). However, groups like Freemasonry or Satanism are real life groups that are still alive and well, any and all slander against them can and will have negative consequences, especially since those groups are constantly targeted on a day by day basis.
        • Is the group full of dicks? Scientology is a fringe cult that was used to con people out of money, the Order of Nine Angles are a racist religious group who advocate for white supremacy, and the Nazi Party are fucking Nazis. You have every right to bully these groups by calling them evil assholes.
      • Conspiracy theories that are actually harmful should only get a passing message as "something people believe that is wrong." This wiki isn't to be used for Anti-Vaccine or alternative medicine advocation. And if you take a problem with this rule, you're one of the sad idiots that pedals these beliefs and are causing people to not use fucking MEDICINE because you think you know better than actual scientists, get help.
  • Anything from a fictional franchise is more specific. Outside of what's already been added, nothing from movies, TV shows, video games, or other fictional media. The fiction that's on the site today is here because they were apart of the ORIGINAL LORE and at this point can't be removed easily.
    • However, we do make exceptions, mythopoeia is generally aloud on this site, which includes the works of Lovecraft, Gods of Pegana, and the mythology of William Blake.
    • Another exception is most creepypastas, such as SCP, Slender mythos, and certain Analog horror content.
    • If you need a run down on the current fictional franchises aloud, click here.
  • As for making original content, a basic rule set can be found here.
    • However, some of those rules can be broken if you are making your own original mythos. The only exceptions being you can't make any Pre-existential Entities or Arcuthas. If you'd like to make your own mythos on your own, you'd have to have at least 5 pages that are contained within that mythos, and a category. For the most part, don't try and connect your mythos to others. When making an original mythos, it's fine to not have a grand plan when starting out. Real life mythologies never started out with one unified narrative, there were individual myths that eventually people connected to make a larger story.
  • Don't copy and paste from other places for your article.
    • Furthermore, if you copy a page from the Demonic Paradise, I will come to your house and personally kill you myself (permanently blocking your account and deleting the page).
  • Among the things that are not allowed on the wiki, one of the main ones is: sexuality. Sex deities or gods and goddesses known for their beauty are common in many myths. Due to this, it is common for such characters to have images or descriptions of their appearances with more emphasis, since they are beings endowed with supernatural beauty (ex: Aphrodite or Naamah). However, THIS BY NO MEANS SHOULD BE PLACED ON PLACED ON ANY RELIGIOUS FIGURES. There have already been cases here on the wiki where various extremely contemptuous and lewd descriptions were placed on religious figures of great importance, including God himself. This type of description will not be allowed, and anyone who puts up any description of a religious figure as if they were an anime character will be banned without a second chance.