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Time for WAAAARRR!!! Constant, ceaseless war! Lend your hands and shoulders to your friends, lend even your very hearts!

Tezcatlipoca was one of the most important gods in Postclassical Mesoamerican culture and a particularly important deity for the Toltecs and later, for the Aztecs, most especially at Texcoco.


Often considered as the supreme god he took on a bewildering array of names and manifestations depending on where and by whom he was worshiped. Invisible and omnipotent, he was known as a Creator god, the god of sustenance, a patron of warriors and as the bringer of both good and evil he was the very embodiment of change through conflict.



Powers and Abilities


Tezcatlipoca was believed to be the son of the primordial androgynous god Ometeotl. In Aztec mythology he was the brother of Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli and Xipe Totec.

Transformed into giant snakes, the two gods attacked and dismembered the female reptilian monster known as Cipactli, one part became the earth and the other the sky. Trees, plants and flowers sprang from the dead creature’s hair and skin whilst springs and caves were made from her eyes and nose and the valleys and mountains came from her mouth.

Myths and Legends

In the complex Mesoamerican creation myths Tezcatlipoca ruled the first world of the Sun but was then overthrown by Quetzalcóatl. The two later cooperated, however, to create the 5th Sun.



Now then...reflect your smoke-stained unsightliness in the mirror! Our war scarred forms are the most beautiful things in the world!
My defeat is...the most magnificent and terrible thing! And now...my counterattack can begin once agaaaiiinnn!
Just as I have stolen the world, I will steal you away. If you resist...heheheheh...I look forward to it. The way you live in conflict is what I want.
Heh......To be completely honest, I have nothing left to dedicate to you, as even the smokes lingering from my heart have ceased along with the wind.