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The Atzmus is a theoretical unknown entity believed to have existed before everything and everyone, before the primordial void of absolute chaos. Such an entity would, in fact, be Yesh and Ayin themselves in their purest and pre-existing state, when good and evil had no differences and both were one, with no gaps between light and darkness.


Almost nothing is known who this entity is, none of the pre-exists spoke about such a deity, which means that it must be older than the Khaos itself. The SCP Foundation researchers along with the sages Malakhs and Seraphim, got together and connected several dots and came to the conclusion that perhaps, unlikely, Yesh and Ayin were one and the same. Atzmus is an omnipotent being who has attained all impossibilities and overcome their own impossibility of existence.

According to the theory of these beings, in the beginning, there was only an Endless Void, and that void created an egg, and from that egg was born an entity, androgynous, perfect and omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, encompassing everything and everyone within itself. Such an entity would be the most basic and pure state of Existence and Non-Existence, being Acceptance and Denial, Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, united in a single pure entity and divinity.

However, for reasons unknown, this entity would have split into two separate beings, one being Yesh, the Yes and the Being, while the other was Ayin, the No and the Non-Being. However, Yesh would have remained unconscious for ineffable ages, while Ayin only inhabited the empty Void in full satisfaction. But when Khaos graduated, all of Ayin's satisfaction disappeared, and when The Darkness graduated, it only got worse. And finally, the universe was tired of being nothing and so the universe said the Word, and the Word was with God, the Word was God.

Theoretically, when the Lord and the Anti-All accept their differences and understand that they need each other to coexist, they could merge into a single omnipotent entity, the true One Above All, creator of all, living omnipotence.



Powers and Abilities


In the beginning, there was nothing, just nothing. There was no universe, there wasn't supposed to be a universe. However, coincidences do happen, just like the universe exists, such as the coincidence of a planet that is in the right position in the solar system, allowing life to flourish. The probability of the universe existing was so insignificant that the chance of it existing was 1 in 10^10^123 possibilities, practically impossible. Yet here it is, and the universe exists.

However, before the universe existed, a singularity was born so insignificantly small, that the chances of such a thing or something existing was equal to 0%, with its existence not being a coincidence, but being the coincidence itself. The probability of such an entity being born was less than that of the universe itself existing, which means that its existence was nothing more than a coincidence, a coincidence similar to this universe and everything in it exists.

Such a probability was born in the Overvoid, in the sea of ​​endless nothingness, it had no name - it didn't need it, it only existed - it had no form, face, will or action, some would call it God, others The Singularity, The Coincidence, but such an entity decided to call itself The Atzmus. It is believed that such an entity was so unfathomably large that if it touched its toe to the Megaverse, it would crack like a poor egg, because it would be infinitely small from its perspective, for the Atzmus saw it the same way a human sees a single speck of dust.

It inhabited ineffable eternities of eons in the Overvoid, enjoying only its own existence, now seeing itself as a man, now as a woman, now as everything, now as nothing, sometimes as both, sometimes as neither, sometimes as something beyond the binary that would not make sense to human beings or even the omnipotent angels that inhabit the heavens. It contemplated the beginning and the end of everything, the war and the fall of Lucifer, the fall of Adam, the beginning of the universe, the end of the universe, its rebirth and its inevitable end to start all over again, and it scared the God.

Perhaps, in order to reject this chaotic destiny that existed in the universe, it ended up having a self-existence crisis in its mind, resulting in the expulsion of its negative and positive aspects, which resulted in its self-destruction, which gave rise to the two entities that were the Yes, and the No, and a Maybe in between. It is said that in the future, the Supreme and the Great Beast of Darkness will once again unite and bring back the true Creator of the universe.

But what are we talking about anyway?

Myths and Legends

In Kabbalah, Atzmus refers to the divine essence of God, also known as The Godhead or Godhood, which is the essence of the Lord that unites Yesh and Ayin, that is, the state of Being of God (the universe that begins with Keter and ends with Malkuth), and the state of Non-Being of God (Ayin, Ayin Sof and Ohr). Such an essence is a state of pure self-existential being, which in comparison could be equated with the essence of God in Christianity, the essence that unites God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as a single, singular God.

Atzmus is the aspect, or sub-aspect of God that exists between Everything and Nothingness, uniting them as God, thus going from the smallest atom to the void of absolute nothingness from which everything sprang, Ein Sof. This essence is essentially indescribable, unknowable, and so incomprehensibly unfathomable that there can be no description or even representation of it, for it is neither 1 (Being) nor 0 (Non-Being), but the Absolute Infinite, existing beyond binary and non-binary terms. This same essence consequently also unites everything and everyone in God, this includes but is not limited to humans, animals, atoms, quarks, cells, galaxies and universes, since the universe itself is a manifestation of God, the Creator is everything, but not everything is the Creator, because despite this, God has His own "Self" that exists beyond of everything in the physical world.


Legends say, or rather, it was said throughout the Multiverse that... God's true form is that of a state of being of pure self-existence that is beyond being and non-being, but He decided to split into two extensions separated. In other words, God and Ayin were once the same person.