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Can't seem to remember where the old man really is. Last I heard of them, he was helping with the humanitarian efforts in some war zones, but the Morrigan said he isn't near any of the battlefields on Earth. For now, we can only hope that the old king is safe.

The Dagda was the Chief God amongst most of the Celtic pantheons. He is also the Irish god of agriculture, fertility, harvest, knowledge, time and fate, as well as a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann-pantheon of Irish deities.


His magic cauldron was known as the coire ansic ("the un-dry cauldron") or Dagda's Cauldron and was said to be bottomless, from which no man left unsatisfied. Uaithne, also known as "the Four Angled Music", was a richly ornamented magic harp made of oak which, when the Dagda played it, put the seasons in their correct order; other accounts tell of it being used to command the order of battle. He possessed two pigs, one of which was always growing whilst the other was always roasting, and ever-laden fruit trees.

He was also is married to the goddess The Morrígan, and had two children: Brigid and Aengus.

Possessions of the Dagda

  • Lorg mór, a great mace-like weapon which could both kills and resurrect people.
  • A large kettle, which he often used to feed his armies
  • Fruit trees which grow fruit all the time
  • A harp tree which could summon the seasons



A wanderer mainly, he spends his time amongst the mortal of Ireland and Scotland, spreading joy and merriment as he passes from village to village. He is often called the "good god", not due to a morality, but due being good at everything he did.

Despite his great power and prestige, the Dagda is sometimes depicted as oafish and crude, even comical at times. Though this might be mainly due to the strife and constant conflict the native Irish were involved with. With the Viking raiders from the north, the Frank's and Roman conquering the south and battles the the Nordic and Greek pantheons across the spirit world. He tries to spread as much joy and happiness as possible to take his mind from the constant worry that surrounds him.

Powers and Abilities

Tales depict the Dagda as a figure of immense power. He is said to own a magic staff, club or mace which could kill nine men with one blow; but with the handle he could return the slain to life. It was called the lorg mór ("the great staff/club/mace") or the lorg anfaid ("the staff/club/mace of wrath").


He notably led the forces of Tuatha Dé Danann in battle against the Fomorians, a race of demigod-like beings, where his presence often resulted in victory for his own tribe.

Myths and Legends

His war against the Fomorians is strangely similar to that of the Olympians and the Titans.


The Dagda is a good god. One of the kindest ones, really. After their pantheon fell and they were forced to retreat to the divine world, most of them developed a fierce hatred toward those responsible for it. For the Romans, for the Olympians, for the soldiers and warriors and mercenaries, and especially, for those originated from the faith of the cross like us. But the Dagda isn't like that. He's too kind to ever hating someone on such mere principals.
Matt Wright.
The inescapable truth under all life's lies is that this universe... Is worthless. Gods, demons, humans, buddhas, pretas... I will wipe everything from existence.
The humans are being played like chess pieces at the mercy of greater beings. Wake up and smell the chaos, kid. This is the true nature of gods and demons. Human oppression is the only thing that interests them.