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Look, it's nothing too special or anything. Me, God, and Khaos were simply too bored and had nothing to do, which, mind you, a very dangerous thing for a bunch of overpowered idiots with magnificece bursting from our fingertips. So like usual, we decided to mess around with our powers. Playin' well, uhm - God. So anyway, one thing led to another, and now we're here, fighting each other to the death.

The Three Great Titans of Creation were three of the oldest beings within the multiverse, with their creation led to the creations of angels, aeons, djinn, humans, primordials, deities, spirits, Old Ones, and demons.


The Three Great Titans of Creation are less of an actual group but instead a category for three beings, as most of them within the group despise each other, the only exception being God and Khaos.



In the beginning, there was nothing. An endless, shapeless, and formless of nothingness. The only entities that are already there are Khaos, God and Azathoth. Eventually, God decided to create the light and by doing that he must separate the darkness from the light, and that is by defeating the others. Following the beginning of the war of creation, there exists Ayin (the antimatter) and The Darkness (the eternal darkness).

When the first spark of life blooms, Life exist, when first blood shed, Death exist, and when the first time runs, Father Time followed them. During the ensuing battle, the cosmic energies that were release from the three titans power created the cosmic egg. From these object births Ouroboros (the Pre-existential Dragon of Infinity) and Vitriol (the Cosmic Devourer).

While the duration of the battle between these cosmic forces is unknown due to the fact that the concept of time was nonexistent, it is written that it took six days for God to finally defeat the three. On the first day, God created the Arcuthas in order to combat the others. On the second day, Khaos created the Primordials and Azathoth created the Outer Gods in order to combat God. On the third day God and Khaos combated each other. On the fourth day the Primordials combated the Outer Gods. On the fifth day they were finally able to defeat Azathoth. And finally on the sixth day, Khaos revealed himself to be more sympathetic and joined God's side.

Prior to the end of the war, Ayin, Darkness, and Tathamet attacks God and His creations, but due to having no armies to defend them on the ensuing battle, they were defeated and imprisoned by the combine forces of God and Khaos, but Tathamet successfully corrupts the Arcuthas so they sealed themselves to the abyss. Death, Life, Father Time, however remains on the sidelines, watching and observing them while claiming nothing to do with the war. Ophis is lost, wandering the universe, while Vitriol is busy seeking for food.

However, God was unable to destroy them fully nor was he able to do the same to most of the Outer Gods, only successful in destroying some of them, and had no choice but to instead imprison what remained of Azathoth and the Outer Gods into the Outerverse. God used Khaos' body to craft the universe, which is what Khaos asked him to do.

Myths and Legends

The concept of three supreme deities is present in several myths. In Hinduism there is the Trimurti. The word Trimurti comes from the prefix for “three,” tri-, and the Hindi word for “image” or “representation,” murti. Their specific tasks (Brahma creates, Vishnu maintains, and Shiva destroys) keep the world in a state of equilibrium. Vishnu and Shiva are two significant avatars or representations of the supreme lord, and that supreme lord has three aspects, according to the Rigveda. In Japanese mythology, there are Amenominakanushi, Kami-musubi and Takami-musubi, these three form the supreme trinity of Shintoism. Although in Greek mythology there is no primordial trinity, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon form a kind of triad that governs creation. The most famous of all is the Holy Trinity of Christianity, however, the Holy Trinity is not three different gods but the same God who presents himself through three facets.


God Khaos
God, also known as Yesh, Yahweh or Allah, is the pre-existential personification of existence, creation, light and goodness. God is also the Creator and Supreme Being of the Multiverse as well as the most powerful entity in all creation.
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Khaos, it is the void of non-existence that existed before all creation, before God Himself. It is the unmanifest emptiness that precedes all existence, being the personification of darkness, nonexistence, eternity, and the void itself, as well as the father and mother of the primordials.
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Azathoth is the Primordial Chaos that precedes creation, the personification of madness, evil, ignorance and chaos. He is also the creator of the Outer Gods and the Supreme Antithesis of creation and of God.


I am Being. Khaos is Nothingness. Azathoth is what is between us. We are the Trinity of Necessaries. Our true nature is what is called Aseity. Meaning the nature of not needing anything external to survive being able to exist independently of everything. However, don’t think I don’t love. I don’t possess love as anything in creation does. I am what you call love and so much more. No word is enough to describe me. You could take all of eternity and never completely categorize me. In this way I am what I told Moses. I am that I am.
According to many myths, in the beginning there were three beings, and then a cosmic Sound - a phrase, a song, a lightning bolt, a war - cracked the empty Void, filling it with possibilities. One, or nothing, became everything. It was some Big Bang, a titanic OM, a deity shattering into infinity... and really, aren't they just different ways of looking at the same thing? Whatever the cause, the Void broke and Creation spread.
I sincerely wonder how there is no pre-existential of war. It is not possible. The three most powerful gods had nothing better to do and the first thing they decided was "let's fight an endless war to see who will rule the void, it'll be fun". Honestly, they could have solved it all in a rock-paper-scissors.
John Constantine.



  • There is a rumor that previously there were four titans of creation but it is seen as impossible.