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A Tianlong (Chinese: 天聾, Heavenly Deaf), also known as the Dragon-fey, are a species of fairies native to Asia, particularly China. They are the descendants of the original Dragon King Tianlong.


The Tianlong fairies originated from China, being the offsprings and descendants of the Dragon King of the Eastern Heaven and his fairy concubines.

They mainly reside in Tian - the Heavens in Chinese mythology - to serve as the deities' servants or personal mounts.


Similar to most species of fairies, most tianlong fairies possess a human form, in which they are youthful men and women in their 20s with fair or unnatural hair color, often being colors associated with the sky such as blue or white. Tianlong fairies in their human form have a tattoo of their true form somewhere on their body, with the most common places being on their back, thighs, or shoulders.

When mid-transformed, they shall have more draconic attributes on their human body: scales across their body, mostly appears on their limbs and their sides; fins on the sides of their head, forearms, and calfs; gills on the sides of their necks; talon-like nails; and an Eastern Dragon tail. Their eyes also become more serpentine and glow within the dark.

In their true form, they truly resemble Eastern Dragons, with the most notable differences between them and true Dragons being the three pairs of leathery wings across their back and their size being much smaller than an average adult Eastern Dragon, only as big as an adolescent Dragon (or three adult horses put together). Their antler-like horns fully appear in this form, shimmering an iridescent color, and is an extremely rare ingredient used in potions and rituals.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: All Tianlong have the ability to shapeshift between their human form, their dragon-like form, and a mid-transformation form that resemble a humanoid dragon. This is a natural ability that every member of their species gain as they grow up.
  • Fire-breathing: Tianlong are capable of generating a powerful emerald-green flames which are said to rival, if not outmatch, the flames of their ancestor, the Dragon King Tianlong himself. Most scholars theorized that this may be the effects of their fairy magic unconsciously combining itself with Dragon flames, creating a new kind of flames more powerful than their ancestor's.
  • Flight: All Tianlong possess the ability to fly using their six wings


  • Like their name suggests, most Tianlong have terrible hearing, often required special aids, magic, or magical artifact to be able to hear normally.