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The Realm of the Dead of the Finnic myths, ruled by the god-king Tuoni and the god-queen Tuonetar. In Finnish Christianity, it is considered the place of the dead before the Last Judgement.
Carl Black

Tuonela, also known as Manala, was the realm of the dead, where the old Finnish pagans would end up after dead. Tuonela is also the name of the river that leads to the realm.

The dead would arrive down the river of the same name, and it was the destination for both good and bad souls, where they would wander as grey, shadow-like beings. The realm is ruled by Tuoni and his wife, Tuonetar, who share the realm with their children Kivutar, Vammatar, Kalma and Loviatar, who are goddesses of pain, death and sickness.

Väinämöinen and some other wise men have managed to travel to Tuonela, in order to learn new spells or raise the dead, though the journey to the realm and back was dangerous. Heroes also have traveled there in order to prove their worth, though has often ended in tragedy.

An example of this was Lemminkäinen, who tried to catch the Swan of Tuonela as a trophy for Louhi, the ruler of Pohjola. The journey to the land of dead ends in tragedy, as Lemminkäinen drowns in the underworld's river, seemingly being doomed to die. His mother, with the help of Ilmarinen and Ukko, manages to fish her son's corpse out of the river and revive him with honey.