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Ladies and Gentlemen, and Master-han too, heheh... The name is Typhoeus, the Giant-God whose power is to overturn oceans. Come closer and witness my revenge against the Olympus gods.

Typhoeus is the father of all monsters known to the ancient Greeks and arguably the most dangerous. He is the son of Dʰéǵʰōm and Tartarus and the husband of Echidna, the Mother of All Monsters.


As the deadliest of all monsters, Typhoeus surpasses the Titans in strength and is regarded to be the most dangerous threat Olympus has ever faced. Even Zeus, who is one of the strongest deities, openly feared him. He is also known to have many children with Echidna, many of whom would later be killed by the Greek heroes.


Typhoeus’s true form is surrounded by an enormous storm, which makes his body difficult to see. His upper half is humanoid and as high as the stars and his hands reach east and west. In place of a human head are one hundred dragon heads that cover his neck and shoulders. His bottom half is made up of enormous vipers as tall as him. He is covered with gigantic wings and fire flashes in his eyes, intimidating the entirety of the Dodekatheon.


Powers and Abilities[]

Being a son one of the strongest of Primordials and the king and father of all monsters, Typhoeus is immensely powerful entity being one of the most dreadful threat Olympians ever faced with Zeus himself being extremely wary of him.

  • Immense Power: As the King of monsters and the son of Primordials, Typhoeus possesses incredible degree of strength and power. His mere sight and presence was enough to make majority of Olympians flee out of terror with only Zeus being brave enough to stand against him. He could fight with the king of Olympus on equal terms and easily defeated him in their first battle. During their rematch the two godly being wigght wth a fight so fierce that shake the very Earth until Typhoeus fall. HIs power is even said to match some of the strongest of the Archdevils.


When Typhoeus approached Olympus, all the gods fled except for Zeus. Typhoeus defeated Zeus and tore out his sinews, rendering him immobile. Fortunately, Hermes found the sinews and gave them back to Zeus. Having fully recovered, Zeus and Typhoeus clashed once again. The battle was so intense that Earth was shaken to its very core. Mountains crumbled, oceans boiled, and the sky was on fire, literally. Even the Underworld shook from the sheer force of the power between Zeus and Typhoeus. In the end, Zeus emerged triumphant and threw Mount Etna at Typhoeus, effectively trapping him.

Myths and Legends[]

Some depictions have Typhoeus be considered either a God (specifically a Titan) or one of the Gigantes who fought the Olympians during the Gigantomachy. He is often associated with storms, floods, and hurricanes because of his etymology, but was often depicted as a volcano-demon, spitting out red-hot rocks (lava) from beneath his prison under Mount Etna.


Wow, the good times really do fly. Make sure you aren't forgetting anything, and let's head home together.
Well now, you look like you're havin' a terrible time. Come 'ere, Masterpiece. Let these big, strong arms squeeze the pain away!
Huh? Sorry if I woke ya. I was tryin' to be quiet, but... Well, might as well play you a song while you're up. It's still a work in progress, so don't laugh at me, all right?
Oh, did I accidentally trample over something? My bad, I'm afraid I didn't see you there.
I thought only the sea would accept me but...I adore you!
I-I... like you a lot, I'm not joking! I'm quite a romantic guy as you can see. N-Now... would you take my hand and come to my place?
Typhoeus to Echidna.