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"If the universe is the answer, what is the question?"

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Listen, I am a warlock, not a scientist or anything professionally trained to explain this the scientific way, so don't expect to get much from me. To my own knowledge, a universe is a single sector within the multiverse, separated from the higher realms of existene and can only be accessed through special means, and are the creations of God and many other creator gods, entity such as Brahma or Khaos.
Even until this day, our knowledge of the universe is very limited. Even what you mundanes thought about the universe through a scientific lense are minimum, remnants of greater facts we had discovered throughout the millennia. And yet, we have barely discovered a fragment of the potential truth out there...
Matt Wright.

A Universe is a single sector with all of time and space and its contents within the Multiverse. They include planets, moons, minor planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, all matter and energy, and all mortal realms.


They are creations of God and the many creator deities, and the home of all their creations. They are separated from the higher planes of existence, which are accessible through rituals, gateways, and/or only after death. Some current theories suggest that the universe may be inside, or even be, a black hole, which has its own black holes that are smaller universes, with our universe being one within another universe, like a file that is inside a folder, which is inside another folder along with several other folders. All of this added together would be the multiverse, like a great software or computer, the computer of God.

The size of the entirety of each Universe is unknown, but there are many hypotheses about the composition and evolution of each Universe. It is believed that every universe is infinite by many, however, according to Death the concept of a universe being infinite is a common error of the proverbial mind. This highly implies that the universes are not infinite, but this was never proven.

A Universe can be defined as everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist within the confines of time. According to humans' current understanding, a Universe consists of space-time, forms of energy (including electromagnetic radiation and matter), and the physical laws that relate them. A Universe encompasses all of life, all of history, and some philosophers and scientists suggest that it even encompasses ideas such as mathematics and logic.

The universes were the first creations in the Multiverse created by God and his first main creations, but through trial and error. For before Creation, there was nothingness, and from that nothing came an egg, and a from that egg came the Pre-existential Entities. In order to create the universes without the interference of the other entities, God needed to imprison the primordial entities. After what seemed to be an eternity and with both Azathoth and his Outer Gods fighting against Khaos and his Primordials and with the aid of God's first creations, the Arcuthas, God emerged victorious and imprisoned the other entities.

According to Remph, the Angel of time, the space-time of each Universe is usually interpreted from a Euclidean perspective, with space as consisting of three dimensions, and time as consisting of another dimension, the "fourth dimension". By combining space and time into a single manifold called Minkowski space, physicists have simplified a large number of physical theories, as well as described in a more uniform way the workings of every Universe at both the super-galactic and subatomic levels.

The Universes appear to have much more matter than antimatter. Every Universe also appear to have neither net momentum nor angular momentum. The absence of net charge and momentum would follow from accepted physical laws if the Universes were finite.

The size of each Universe is somewhat difficult to define. According to a restrictive definition, each Universe is everything within our connected spacetime that could have a chance to interact with us and vice versa. According to the general theory of relativity, some regions of space may never interact with ours even in the lifetime of each Universe due to the finite speed of light and the ongoing expansion of space. For example, radio messages sent from Earth may never reach some regions of space, even if each Universe were to exist forever: space may expand faster than light can traverse it. This would mean that the universes are constantly expanding to never-ending levels. Between you & me, our universe (True-Earth Prime) is the center of the Multiverse.

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