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Heal the patient, not the disease.
Uphir's motto.

Uphir is a very incredible and brilliant demon surgeon who serves as one of the Electors of Hell. He is the Royal Physician and Medical Profession of Hell, and also the mentor of Sitri.


Uphir's Sigil

Uphir is the chief physician in hell and responsible for ensuring the well-being of the demons that reside there. Uphir is a brilliant demonic surgeon with a very balanced approach to health, healing genetic editing. He is a master of physiology, psychology, and subtle energies. He takes his time and makes sure that he explores the depth of the problem before he suggests a solution. To him, healing is his upmost priory.

Uphir comes from the "mutilation realm", a dark realm from which he gets his unique perspective. He enjoys learning and studying new techniques and medical practices and will often make comments on them; he watches from darkness to learn more, and enjoys textbooks and biological oddities. He might refuse to work with people who have a poor understanding of biology and physiology, requiring that they take a class beforehand.

Unfortunately not much information about him has ever spread to the human realm as he likes to keep to his own kind, with no reason to leave the comfort of hell there have been very few interactions with him for humans to catalog.

He works with physiology and to work with him, it is suggested to take biology classes as he has a huge understanding for medicine and though he sees western medicine as primitive and needing expansion and growth, he has a great deal of respect for it and enhancing it. Understanding Biology and the physiologic workings of the body.


Uphir appears as a tall, pale man with a bony helmet and vertical black horns, usually wearing a doctor’s robes at times. His eyes are a dark blue and he often appears very stern and serious.

Uphir appears as a tall man with very pale skin. He has two straight horns protruding from his forehead and is always dressed in robes akin to those of an ordinary doctor. He has black hair and a toned body structure coupled with a stern and serious facial expression. His eyes are described as greyish or steel-blue in color.

The marking on his back is the Alchemist's Tree of Life.


His disposition is cold and calculating, soft-spoken, and withdrawn; he will return to his domain when his task is is complete. Despite this, his outlook is rather optimistic and somewhat playful manner. He speaks logically and enjoys discussing philosophy and hard/social sciences.

Uphir is a very organized demon with a propensity for logic and reasoning. He is meticulous in everything he does while adopting methodological approaches to applying his skills.

He actively learns about new medical developments in the human world and frequently comments about them to conjurers. He perceives western medicine as being still primitive with much room for improvement. He likes biology textbooks and oddities and he is very surgical in his approach when working with energies, he combines intense psychic surgery techniques along with a VAST understanding of the human physical body and etheric body and how they work and operate together, even the subtle energies.

The biggest difference compared to other demons is his sense of duty. He will help any being requiring his expertise even if it is a non-demon as shown with the Dominion Lailah. There is no malevolence associated with this demon and he can provide treatments for anyone regardless of their path. His treatment techniques are non-intrusive and he is almost always a guarantee for desirable outcomes.

He holds no bias towards any race and always possess a doctor's duty no matter what, protecting their privacy and identity while still working. He can however discriminate cases and it is unknown why he chooses to do so. He still slightly edges towards the forces of Hell due to being a demon himself and possess utmost loyalty towards the leaders of Hell.

Powers and Abilities

This demon can be summoned to provide advise on all matters regarding one's health as previously mentioned. For advanced conjurers, he can assist in the tuning of one’s third eye in order for them to strengthen their ties with the spiritual realm. He can also help to bring organization within someone’s life if they so wish.

His insight into the mind also makes him adept at counseling those crippled by fear. Alternatively, he can remove fear and help one to feel empowered on their healing journey, helping people sort out their thoughts and embrace focus and concentration. In general he likes to help remove anything which hampers one's development as a person, physically, mentally, spiritually, or energetically.

Uphir has immense knowledge of anatomy, pathology, biology, and physiology. This is in addition to his wealth of knowledge on the energies. He can be summoned to impart this knowledge to the conjurer.

Uphir can be called forth to advise on all matters pertaining to health such as exercise, dieting, detoxifying, and supplementing one’s intake. This is addition to healing all kinds of ailments. There are no preferred ritual times for this demon as he operates full time like a proper physician. He operates 24 / 7 and can be called forth during any medical emergency.

He teaches his craft, including many versatile energy healing techniques, answers the questions of those that seek him, and gives advice of health and natural healing. He offers great wisdom on diet, exercise, and supplements to health.

This demon can be summoned to provide advise on all matters regarding one’s health as previously mentioned. For advanced conjurers, he can assist in the tuning of one’s third eye in order for them to strengthen their ties with the spiritual realm. He can also help to bring organization within someone’s life if they so wish.


It is unknown how he came to attain his position over other demons with similar knowledge and skill-sets. Nevertheless, Uphir remains an incredible expert on the matters of the flesh with the ability to make sense out of even the most chaotic vibrations in one’s energy.

Myths and Legends

This demon has no ancient Middle Eastern mythological origins and it is presently not known where his exact origins are.

There is also no evidence of Uphir within ancient Greco-Roman Mythology. It is plausible that this demon was a popular pagan god of antiquity. His name was probably distorted by Latinization with the advent of Judeo-Christian based religions. It is also probably these religions that demonized him and banished him to the depths of hell.


Let's save everyone's lives. Even if all lives will be sacrificed.
Uphir's Inspiring Quote.
I only known bits about Uphir. He's the demon physician, and he's a physician above all else, even beyond his nature as a demon. He treats every patient as his own and will do everything he can to save them, even if that means killing them and resurrect them later on. Oh, and he's Florence Nightingale's father. Yes, the same Nightingale who is the founder of modern nursing. She's a warlock you know, that lamp people mentioned her with is actually an artifact her father gave her which allowed her to see which one could be saved and which one was already marked by death. In fact, she's still alive and working for the British royal family in secret.
Matt Wright.
We will offer Uphir plants with healing qualities like aloe, ginger, and turmeric. He likes herbal teas and teas made with ginger, turmeric and also green and oolong teas. We believe in offering demons tea as a sign of welcome and respect and these are the teas we offer to Lord Uphir. Flowers we have offered him are honeysuckle, violet, and asters.
Offerings offered when working with him.



  • It should be noted that Uphir had Florence Nightingale with both Frances Nightingale & William Nightingale.
  • His Enn is Nor Evose Neya Vonta Uphir Ata.
  • His favorite colors are Blue, Teal, Silver, Black, White, and Grey.
  • His favorite crystals are Quartz and Quartz crystals with inclusions, black tourmaline, bloodstone, Tibetan Black Quartz, Petrified wood, agate, jasper, and iolite.
  • His favorite Incense and scents are Lavender, Patchouli, Copal, Amber, and Pine.
  • Despite his importance, he is overlooked by most grimoires and this is a terrible omission given the possibilities which summoning this demon implies for the conjurer.
  • Like other demons, Uphir should be accorded the proper respect despite of lack of a malevolent element.
  • The conjuror should protect themselves from otherworldly energies by mentally visualizing a protection circle and entering it.