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Perhaps I am him. Perhaps I am not. Nevertheless, I am still Yaldaboath, true and proud.

Važjuma is an old god of the SCP mythos. Sarkians believe he is one of the main powers of the universe and indirectly the creator of all life.


Važjuma is the God of Flesh and Animal Instinct, he was supposedly responsible for creating Humanity with the help of Mekhane, but after humans chose to give way to intelligence over animal instinct, it left Važjuma very upset and he wanted to that Mankind pursued His goal for mankind, but Mekhane stepped in and trapped him with his own body.

After being freed from Mekhane's trap, he made Važjuma want to destroy all dimensions, realities and space-time in revenge against Mekhane. Most of Važjuma's knowledge originates from Sarkic's scriptures and religious texts. Although most Sarkians revere Važjuma, they do not worship him or any other god.


Važjuma is often depicted similar its Gnostic counterpart, as a serpentine figure with a lions head. During the Xia Dynasty of China, Važjuma was drawn as a dragon by Sarkics who lived in the country . Private Morton Baker described Važjuma appearance a nine foot tall Satyr with the combined appearance of individuals infected by the Red Death.


Važjuma is a blind monsterous god driven by an animalistic instinct.

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Myths and Legends


Life was suddenly complicated, so he asked his six advisors, his archons. They informed him that the spheres were important to her, and that she was angry at what he would have wrought. He didn't fully understand, and had less of a clue of what happened to her. Finally, he decided that like her machines, she was merely broken. And machines, unlike the things of flesh, can be built again. He would wait here, until she was no longer angry with him, and decided let to him go.
A Life that Was Simple.
Upon the mountain came a man, His lips were sealed but his eyes are many. In his company were beasts and serpents, Chained to his many hands reluctantly following.
I came in front of him in fear and worship, Listening to the prophecy from the tongueless prophet. The serpents coiled and the beasts restless, But each held back by the eyes ever watching.
I have seen the dragon in the Great Brass Cage," He said, "Its claws are sharp and its breeds are many. Its mouth consuming stars and its scales large as cities, It coils and bends with the cage rusting.
I Have Seen the Dragon in the Great Brass Cage.