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John Constantine possessed by Gabriel (Art by Anare)

A Vessel is a human that serves as a receptacle for a spiritual entity to manifest, acting as a spokesperson for that deity. Beings from the spirit realm often use this ability to avoid spending their strength on creating Avatars. Demons are the ones who use this ability the most, always possessing a human against their will. Angels however, need permission to be able to enter a person's body.
Carl Black.

A Vessel, also known as Receptacle, Shell or Meatsuit, is the name of a human or some other physical being that serves as a physical receptacle for an angel or demon, or any other spiritual entity.


Normally this is an ability used by demons, who due to being very weak, creating a physical form through ectoplasm requires a high energy consumption. Also, demons like to torture humans through their vessels.

Angels are also able to use vessels, as the creation of an avatar consists of an absurd expenditure of energy due to the consumption caused by the ectoplasm. However, Angels cannot enter any human or material body without the vessel's permission, that is, the "Yes". Gods can also use vessels, with Zeus often having used men to copulate with their wives, as well as some angels during Prediluvian time, who had many men and women to copulate with humans and/or among themselves.


Vessels are usually the physical bodies of mortal beings such as cats, dogs, pigeons and especially human beings. Usually, the vessels are occupied by the soul, which is a fragment of God that occupies the empty space inside the human body in the metaphysical region. When the soul leaves the body before its death, two things can happen: the body dies or remains active, but without a soul. Although the Vessels are normally occupied by souls, this does not prevent a demon or an angel from entering and using it as a shell to be able to interact on Earth.

Some vessels, however, are created specifically to serve as a "shell" for a divine entity, such as Jesus Christ, who had his physical vessel generated within Mary by the Holy Spirit, and during her gestation, the Enlightened One entered the physical vessel. Jesus inhabited his vessel from his birth until his death, where he left his body and descended spiritually into Hell and took the keys of death and Hell from Satan, returning to his body on the third day, on Sunday. Something similar occurred when The Darkness returned, where she possessed the body of the baby Amara Schneider and, like Jesus, was born and developed physically over time, albeit at a faster rate than the Messiah.

It is believed that the Antichrist is actually a Vessel for Satan the Devil to use during his reign on Earth. The Antichrist would be born from the relationship of a human and a demon, and would grow as an ordinary person and after gaining power over the entire Earth through his global religion, the Cambion would be killed and his soul would fall into Hell, while Satan assumes his identity by entering into his body, thus "reviving" like Jesus, being able to deceive humanity that he is Jesus.

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After the Son of God died on Calvary's cross, God decreed that all celestial beings followed the example of the Enlightened One, and now all spiritual beings to be able to interact in the physical world needed to be linked to a human soul, like Gabriel who became connected with John Constantine. Consequently, this avoided demonic possessions, with such possessions only being possible with the permission of the vessels themselves. This decree is known as the Word or the Law, and all beings in the universe follow it willingly or not, including the almighty primordials.

List of Vessels

Myths and Legends

Humans being possessed by demons is something quite common in the New Testament (Holy Bible), something that strangely does not occur in the Old Testament, with some special cases not confirmed as being explicit possession:

  • In the book of Genesis we are introduced to Serpent, one of the first characters in the Bible as a personification of evil. In the book of Revelation, it is mentioned that Satan, that is, the Devil, interpreted as a fallen angel (supposedly called Lucifer), is the Serpent of Eden. However, it is not really made clear how Satan made this Serpent guise, if he actually possessed the snake, if he took the form of a snake, or if the serpent was just an impersonation to represent Satan (like the Dragon of Apocalypse).
  • In the book of Samuel, the king of Israel, Saul, is shown being tormented by evil spirits, but nothing is mentioned about possession, only that they tormented him.


I help you and your colleague with Satan, I just need one thing...
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John Constantine
Just say what you want, trickster.
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You, John, I need you. If you want me to be at my full power to fight the Devil, I can't spend power on an avatar... So let me use your body as a vessel.
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John Constantine
This bothers me. But I don't have much time. All right, "Left Hand of God", I say YES.
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Don't worry, I'll be your co-pilot. I will take over when I need to.
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  • Many angels do not like to use vessels because they believe it takes away humanity's only weapon, free will.
  • When Castiel became a Levian, his avatar became his vessel.