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Viracocha is the Creator God from Incan mythology who is intimately associated with the sea. He is represented as a man wearing a golden crown symbolizing the sun and holding thunderbolts in his hands.
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Viracocha is the great creator deity Inca mythology in the Andes region of South America.


He was presumably one of the many Primordials created by Khaos, who was later allowed by God to reign over the ancient Earth. He brought light to the ancient South America, which would later be retold by the natives as Viracocha creating the stars, sun and moon. He had one son, Inti, and two daughters, Mama Killa, and Pachamama. Viracocha has a wife called Mama Qucha.


Viracocha is a man of medium height, white and dressed in a white robe like an alb secured round the waist, and that he carried a staff and a book in his hands.


Powers and Abilities


Viracocha rose from the waters of Khaos during the time of darkness to bring forth light. He made the sun, moon, and the stars. He made mankind by breathing into stones, but his first creation were brainless giants that displeased him. So he destroyed it with a flood and made a new, better one from smaller stones.

Viracocha eventually disappeared across the Pacific Ocean, and never returned. He wandered the earth disguised as a beggar, teaching his new creations the basics of civilization, as well as working numerous miracles. He wept when he saw the plight of the creatures he had created. It was thought that Viracocha would re-appear in times of trouble.

He destroyed the people around Lake Titicaca with a Great Flood called Unu Pachakuti, lasting 60 days and 60 nights, saving two to bring civilization to the rest of the world. These two beings are Manco Cápac, the son of Inti, which name means "splendid foundation", and Mama Uqllu, which means "mother fertility". These two founded the Inca civilization carrying a golden staff, called 'tapac-yauri'.

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