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Don't worry child. The earth won't be in danger. As long as I'm around, it will never be... or at least, it won't be until Shiva starts to dance. But you get my drift.

Vishnu is one of the primary deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is called The Preserver and is known for a kindly demeanor and genuine interest in the welfare of humanity.


Vishnu the Preserver is one of the three principle deities of the Trimurti along with Brahma, the Creator, and Shiva, the Destroyer. He was first seen in early Vedic mythology as the god that assisted Indra in defeating Vritra and is now the supreme deity within Vaishnavism, a branch of Hinduism that focuses on the worship of Vishnu.

As the preserver, Vishnu maintains balance within the world. He is the husband of the goddess Lakshmi in all her incarnations and has ten personal incarnations starting with Matsya and ending with Kalki. He may also be worshipped in the form of Harihara, the perfect fusion of Vishnu and Shiva.

List of Dashavataras

  1. Matsya
  2. Kurma
  3. Varaha
  4. Narasimha
  5. Vamana
  6. Parashurama
  7. Rama
  8. Krishna
  9. Buddha/Vithoba/Jagannatha (it depends)
  10. Kalki


He is depicted with up to four arms, blue skin, holding a chakra wheel, a lotus flower, a mace and a conch, and rides on the back of Garuda. He also sleeps on the back of a great naga named Ananta Shesha.


Being the deity of preserver and protection, Vishnu is highly responsible of maintaining the natural order, preserving even the dying living beings, and highly devoted to protecting all things. Vishnu considered very benevolent, noble, respectful, honorable, divinely wise, and have a great deal of concern to all life in the universe. As one of the pillar gods (Trimurti) of Hindi pantheon, Vishnu is a great invoker of divine justice and law of the universe, he doesn't tolerate evil nor he abides it. He hates constant wars that occuring in the world, holds a great contempt for evil, senseless violence, chaos, disorder, and malevolence.

His position as one of the second generation primordial deities, has earned him great respect. As he also comes as a moderator or middle of the road character, as he is seen as the bridge between arguing groups and companies, being the one that stop the War of the Gods during the ancient time, between the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Shinto pantheons. Where he also appears himself as a patient and mature elder god, than those who comes after them. Vishnu radiates a calming and divine presence, as anyone that are within his vicinity can feel at ease, he is slow to anger, and rarely exhibits arrogant disposition or frightening character.

Like his brothers, Brahma and Shiva, Vishnu is also highly respectful and possess a high degree of reverence for God and their parent Brahman. As they always mentioned their names in high regard.

Powers and Abilities


Vishnu's first prominent appearance was in the form of his first avatar, the fish Matsya, where he warned the first human, Manu, about a great flood that was soon to come and to tow his ship full of plants and animals to the mountains where they would avoid the high water levels.

After this he appeared in many incarnations, both as humanoids and animals. Probably the best known incarnation of Vishnu was when he appeared as the hero Rama who set out to save his wife Sita from the rakshasa king, Ravana.

At the end of our current eon he will appear as his final avatar Kalki and judge whether mortals have been good or evil. After this, the universe will end and creation will start anew.

Myths and Legends