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Forever awake. Forever protect. Forever watch.
The Watchers' motto.

The Watchers, also known as the Grigori, are the mysterious order of Angels, who were created by God to be Earthly shepherds of the first humans and become the first faction for Fallen Angels.


The Watchers were both physically and spiritually gigantic, at least by the standards of the people who later wrote about them.

The Watchers were one of the more technological orders and had a lot of scouts, warriors and designers. Many of the Watchers where talented in subjects of crystal science, astronomy, biology, combat and philosophy. The Watchers had a lot of culture in their society as they are also said to be the most human-like. They tend to be bigger in stature than other angelic species but can conceal their heights to average levels.

Watchers can be viewed as heroes to humans the same Lucifer is viewed to the demons but when you look at it the knowledge shared advanced our civilization to much causing reckless bloodshed even the cosmetics parts it was probably fighting over material resources as well.


They served early humanity as vast reservoirs of information concerning the finer points of civilization, and their selflessness was beyond compare. They were first called the Watchers, as it was their job to observe humanity, lending a helping hand when necessary but not interfering in the course of human development.

However, they soon begin to lust after the daughters of men, and at the prodding of their leader Samyaza, 200 defect en-mass to illicitly instruct and cohabit with humanity. The offspring of these unions that the Watchers begot were hideous, misshapen monsters, now known in demonic circles as the Nephilim, and that a group of angels were quickly dispatched to destroy the half-breeds, after which the Watchers were damned to Earth for the remainder of their long lives.

They had also taught humanity arts and technologies such as weaponry, cosmetics, sorcery, and other things which were forbidden.

Enraged, God sends the Great Flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim, but sends Uriel to warn Noah so as not to eradicate the human race. The Watchers were later bound "in the valleys of the Earth" until Judgment Day, which is said to be the deepest part of Hell for their atrocities and transgressions.

The Watchers, both for the sin of lust and for neglecting their duties, were banned from Heavenly society ,doomed to spend the remainder of their days beneath the Earth.  What few angels know, even today, is that besides their more famous gigantic spawn, the Nephilim, the Watchers did successfully engender half-breed children, part-angel and part-human. Angels are strictly forbidden to associate with the Children of the Watchers or, God forbid, any actual remaining Watchers they might run across in the course of a mission.