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Guh... Do you fully comprehend your actions? How will you repent for a sin this grave? Do you think yourself capable of carrying that cross? Praise my name, before it is too late! Praise my glory!

YHVH, also known as the Tetragrammaton, is the Name of the Monotheistic God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Yesh, embodied in a real and personal entity that is responsible for representing and constantly maintaining the order of the universe, through the dualism of good and evil.


Although it is commonly confused with his Yahwist equivalent, Yahweh, both are separate entities despite being linked with Godhead. It was common in the Old Testament for the name of Yahweh and YHVH to constantly appear, but always separately, sometimes seeming to refer to the existence of two Yahweh, as in the event of Sodom and Gomorrah where Yahweh is said to rain fire from Yahweh.

Furthermore, because there is a triple citation of the name of Yahweh mentioned by angels, many Christians believe that this is a clear reference to the Holy Trinity, with the word YHVH referring to the Father, and Yahweh to the Son.


YHVH manifests as a bunch of floating golden heads. Although the reason for such a strange manifestation was unknown, the truth is that the golden head is nothing more than the head of the first man, Adam.

When Solomon met YHVH at the end of the Multiverse, the God of Israel manifested to her as a gigantic dragon as large as billions of universes, containing countless galaxies, worlds, dimensions and universes within her astral and multi-dimensional body. YHVH's dragon form also resembles a draconic serpent. Undoubtedly, YHVH in his draconic form is the greatest dragon of all existence, being a living multiverse, the embodiment of the Universe itself.


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Not even a thousand deaths would be fitting punishment for thy sins! I shall smite thee, and in Hell I shall torture thee over and over! After an aeon, I shall reincarnate thee, and thy lives shall be those of endless torment, thy bodies tortured in life and thy souls in death! The same shall come to thy children, and thy children's children, throughout all eternity until the end of time! Feel the wrath of my divine lightning, and plummet into the bowels of hell, burning in its unending flames!
YHVH to Lucifer.
Turn back, those who defy the will of God. You walk along the path to destruction. Only eternal suffering lies ahead, for you. You come here seduced by the words of a demon. I know all that's befallen you thus far. Go back now, and I shall show you mercy and forgive your trespasses. You cannot possibly comprehend my nature. All things exist because I do. To destroy me would be to destroy your world. You, who were once nothing more than dust, I offer you one final opportunity to turn back.
YHVH to Ghost Rider.
Praise my name! Witness, bathed in the glory of my countenance! Praise my name!



  • Yahweh is definitely just one of the heads of YHVH.
  • YHVH has many heads, as many heads as there are stars in the infinite universe. He exists in the past, present and future simultaneously. He can also fuse all of His heads into a single entity that is as powerful as most primordial gods, possessing Multiversal Omnipotence, getting very close to Megaversal Omnipotence.
  • He refers to the other avatars of God as literally His "siblings".