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The imagination of the heart of man is evil, a boy's evil inclination is greater than his good inclination until he turns 13, however, the greater the man, the greater his evil inclination.
Yetzer Hara.

Yetzer Hara, known by his pet name Hara, is an incredibly powerful Demon who works directly for Satan.


Yetzer Hara is not a demonic force, but rather man's misuse of things the physical body needs to survive. Thus, the need for food becomes gluttony due to Yetzer Hara. The need for procreation becomes sexual abuse, and so on personified into a demon.

He is often compared to other demons who use "The Devil" title like the aforementioned Satan, along with Lucifer, Iblis, Samael, Yaldabaoth, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, and Belial.



Powers and Abilities


Birth and Early Life

Yetzer Hara was one of the first demons created by Ayin to fight God. They eventually lost to God. Hara fell into Hell, and became the ruler of the realm.

Threat to the throne

After the War in Heaven, Lucifer was locked up in a cage, during this moment Yetzer Hara was terrified, terrified that Lucifer would steal his place upon Hell's throne. Hara tried to make preparations but every being who would help him were on the side of Lucifer.

When the Fallen Angels eventually freed Lucifer, Hara silently and peacefully handed over the throne to Lucifer. To this day he wishes to have his throne back, but knows that he is no where near as powerful as Lucifer is.

Myths and Legends


Yetzer Hara is one of the oldest demons to ever exist and is most commonly known in medieval imageries as the ugly devil. However, it is because of his ugliness that caused him to lose followers and conjurers today. I mean, sucks to be him but I can't blame them. It's bad enough to sell your own soul, but to bleach your eyes and brain afterwards as well. Brrrrgggghhhhh.
Matt Wright.



  • God has created a being in response to Hara called Yetzer Hatov.
    • Despite this, Hara seems indifferent to his so called "rip off".