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Don't confuse me with the Devil. I was not born because of him and neither am I after the fall. I am the first! I am the original Baal-Zebub, born in the beginning of time of the primordial gods who came from the primeval void.

Zebul, also known as Baal Zebul and Beelzebuth, was a Canaanite god during the Bronze Age, being worshiped as a god of flies and being associated with Baal.


Zebul was one of the sons of the gods El and Asherah, having been part of the Canaanite pantheon for several centuries. However, after the Jewish religion began to worship only Yahweh as the true God, all Canaanite gods began to be considered demons, with Zebul literally being associated with the Devil himself. Due to this, the Collective Unconscious ended up affecting the body of the old and now forgotten God, who ended up becoming a grotesque humanoid creature with insect-like features, showing how different humans' view of him has become from ancient times.



Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends

Baalzebub is an entity amalgamated of two other powerful entities known from Canaanite and Phoenician mythologies: Baal or Bael, lord of thunder, agriculture and fertility. Also associated with death and cruelty; Zebub, the god of flies and pestilence. According to mythology, Zebub was an Infernuni archenemy of Baal.

This one, along with great magicians of antiquity, was defeated by Zebub in an epic battle that, for having expanded its forces in the cosmos, opened an abyss that sucked the two gods and they united in one, the then "belth-zebul". His spirit was thrown into hell and remained there in the "cesspool", in order to preserve the functioning of the cosmos.

His power exceeded that of Zebub and that of Baal himself. He proclaimed himself lord of the city of Dite, once ruled by Orcus.